1. You have a few new emails. Have a look at who they are from, then choose which ones you would open.

2. What would you do if your friend offered you their username and password for a safe website that you both use?

3. You have just seen a video online that was very violent and it has upset you. What would you choose to do about it?

4. You're online and meet someone your age in a chat room. Is it OK to give him or her your address or phone number so you can get together?

5. I'm visiting a website from a company or organisation that I've heard of. They want my name and phone number so I can enter a contest. Is it OK to enter?

6. My parents and I have established rules as to what I can do on the internet when I'm home, but I'm at a friend's house. Should I go by my parents' rules or do whatever my friend does?

7. I'm online and I get a message from my internet service provider asking for my password. They say I need it to fix my account. Should I give it to them?

8. You just took a smokin' hot selfie. How would you most likely share it?

9. How much info do you think would be OK to share over social networks? (More than one correct answer)

10. If you felt you were getting bullied online, what would be the best thing to do? (More than one correct answer)