1. Which form is written with three sections—slow, fast, slow—and found its way into many opening sections in Italian music?

2. Which orchestral form uses a soloist from each section of the string orchestra and has them play both as part of the tutti and as a solo smaller group?

3. Which Italian composer worked mainly in Rome, was a violinist, and was most known for writing instrumental music?

4. Which genre is a type of chamber music that used four performers—two melodic instruments and two continuo instruments?

5. What is the term for the interchange section between the soloist and the orchestra, where each are locked in and take a turn?

6. In which popular genre does a solo instrument play a featured role that is supported by the rest of the orchestra (called the tutti)?

7. Which instrumental genre has no individual soloists, but instead features one section of the orchestra at a time, giving each section a moment to shine?

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