What is the unit of prayer called?

How many wings does the angel Jibril have?

Optional prayers are known as...

Khadijah gave birth to six children of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ,

  1. Zaynab
  2. Ruqayyah
  3. Umm Kulthum
  4. Fatima


Towards the final illness of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, the Prophet instructed that one man should lead the Muslims in prayer. Who did he elect to lead the prayers?

Hamzah, the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, was martyred during which battle?

All of the creation of Allah, glorifies Allah, except for...

What did the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ say about the tears of the people of hellfire? (Mark two answers)

Who will have two tongues of fire on the Day of Judgement?

What type of people was the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ referring to when he said: 

  • they would be dragged into a prison of Hellfire, Balus,
  • 'be submerged in the fire of all fires',
  • drink the bile of the people of Hellfire,
  • and be driven to madness


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