Press PLAY to begin. 
LISTEN and WRITE a word to complete the script. 
Spell correctly and use lower case letters. 

MAN: As I was saying, things are changing. There are more for working parents, like leave, unpaid family leave and so forth.

WOMAN: That’s true, like in the last five years or so more people have been to work from home, and so on, that helps too.

MAN: Going back to what you said about child care Ted, centers are now being provided free by some .

WOMAN: So can just bring their kids to work.

MAN2: But very few companies offer this

WOMAN: That’s a good point. Don you unpaid leave earlier. I think it’s great that parents can take time off without their jobs.

MAN2: I agree, but leave means less money, and like I said families need two incomes.

MAN: Just the same I think the trend is for companies to offer more benefits, , etc, to attract and keep good employees.

WOMAN: Yes, and like you said earlier Don, companies now offer paternity leave, not just leave. I mean, its only fair, then a father can stay home with a new baby too.

MAN2: I think companies could do more, but  to what you said Paula about telecommuting, if more people could work from home, maybe child care wouldn’t be such a .

MAN: Yeah, and as you were saying Ted, unpaid family means less money for families, so maybe telecommuting is a better for parents.

Question 1- How does the man say things are changing?
Question 2- How does the woman feel about change?
Question 3- What is unpaid leave?
Question 4- What is the problem with unpaid leave?
Question 5- What do companies offer fathers?
Question 6- What is telecommuting?