Understanding Diagrams
FOCUS ON INFORMATION: Often answers are confused by not understanding the information from the image clearly. 
For each sentence; choose the answer that has the correct information as the diagram above.  

1. The price to rent a Chrysler Sedan costs how much?

2. How many people does the Krystal Limousine bus seat? 

3. How much does the Mercedes van cost ?

4. How many people will the Krystal Shuttle bus seat?

5. Which limosine has a minimum of rental hours in a day?

FOCUS ON SIMILARITY: Often answers are confused by providing similar meanings, but not exact information from the diagram.  
For each sentence, choose the answer with same meaning to information from the diagram. 

7. How long can you rent most of the vehicles? 

8. Which van seats the most people?

9. Which limousine seats four times more passengers?

10. Which vehicle rents hourly for double the price of the others?