To ensure the success of ADC, we have an affordable monthly investment plan to cover all our members, & by extension their families in resources & training exercises.



Here's our plan:

- Membership is $60 a month

​​(All risk free, money back guarantee after each quarter [3 months] )  

- 5% of the membership is paid to shipment cost 

95% is for group expenses

- We use funds for gear, training, and emergency supplies.

- Every purchase will be recorded by a receipt for member transparency (Example of "proof" displayed in the about section)

- Expenses outside of resources & training will be authorized by our members before usage


Here's what's included in your monthly investment after reactivation:

- Concealable Body Armor (Options available) 

- Body cam (Options available) 

- Range training exercises (Upon Request). Ammo is readily available & a variety of firearms provided. You can also bring your own firearm(s) 

​​​​- Emergency resource family package (food, water, ammunition, hazmat, gas mask,

flashlights, walkie-radios, etc)

- National members who can back you


How does this come together? 


1) Upon joining, we ask about your circumstances to suit your needs (Ex: Number of immediate family) 

2) We group the funding collected

3) After 3 months, we preselect or choose members at random. For those who weren't selected, will have first priority next go around 

4) We begin shipping out packages


You will be prepared for any unforeseen challenge‼️


Welcome to African Defense Communications (ADC)! A movement that prioritizes the people, not the 'leaders'.



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