Subway Surfers is the most popular arcade game that is played by mostly 5 million players all around the world. It is filled with lots of impressive features that make it more attractive.

Another fine thing for the gamers is that it contains a classic gameplay which includes lots of characters, hoverboards, and many other useful things.

Another major thing for the gamers is that they are provided with lots of mind-blowing power-ups and boosters which they have to use for going ahead. It also surprises its users by new updates and gifts, like current new city update of subway surfer.

5 stunning Features of Subway Surfers

Mentioned down are the main features of Subway Surfers. Players should know them and then think about playing for making quick progress.

1.       The entire graphics of the game are full HD with better sound system that provides a good gaming experience.

2.       Also, there are lots of classic characters present which the gamers need to choose and then play the game accordingly.

3.       In Subway Surfers, there are lots of classic hoverboards and costumes present which they have to use while playing.

4.       Every player need to know that they are provided with lots of boosters, power-ups and many other useful things.

5.       The players are provided with an in-app purchases feature which they use for buying everything using real-life money. However, one can use cheats mentioned on to earn in-game resources legally.

So, all these are the best and main 5 features of Subway Surfers. The more gamers learn them and use, the easier they go ahead.


Apart from all these things, there are plenty of classic features and gameplay by which they have to make a deal as to go ahead. They need to practice it a lot to become the best player easier than before.

To gather more information about Subway Surfers, they have to use the reviews and then know some tips to make progress in Subway Surfers.