10 questions about food, our food system and some of the biggest food problems on the planet today.

What do you think?

1. Is world hunger increasing or decreasing?

2. How many people are hungry in the world today?

3. Industrialised food production, along with climate change, is causing a rapid loss of biodiversity. How many plant species account for 66% of total crop production?

4. 1.2 million tonnes of good food ends up in bins each year from Irish homes and businesses. How much do you think this is this worth?

5. Our food system is a major contributor to climate change.  What percentage of global greenhouse gas emissions do you think it is responsible for?

6. If someone is experiences ‘moderate’ or ‘severe food insecurity’ this means that they have difficulty in regularly accessing enough nutritious food. What is your estimate of how many people worldwide find themselves in this situation?

7. True of False - most cocoa farmers have never tasted chocolate.

8. True or False - EU consumption is a major contributor to deforestation worldwide

9. Today there are an estimated 152 million child labourers – how many do you think work in agriculture (including farming, fishing, aquaculture, forestry, and livestock)?

10. True or False - most cocoa is grown in Belgium?