How many commandments are there in the Hebrew Bible?

What’s the first thing that God sanctifies, according to the Bible?

According to the Bible, Jesus’ parents went to Jerusalem to celebrate one specific festival every year. Which one?

What does the Hebrew word Torah mean in English?

Two chapters in the Bible describe the creation of heaven and earth. Approximately how many chapters speak about the tabernacle?

In the Gospel of John we read about Jesus being in the temple at the Festival of Dedication. Which festival is he referring to?

After Jesus was born, his parents took him to Jerusalem to be circumcised. What did they sacrifice in the temple?

From Abraham to David, from David to the exile to Babylon, and from the exile to Messiah there are fourteen generations. Which of these words has the numerical value of fourteen when it is written in Hebrew?

Which Jewish feast is connected with Jesus rising from the dead?

According to Jeremiah, the new covenant will be established with whom?