Welcome to our Quiz! 

This quiz is meant to guide you in understanding what information or knowledge you may need to explore further before volunteering on the ground. We also hope it will introduce you to concepts that you hadn't considered before.

Therefore, don't worry if you get things wrong! 

Take this quiz to see how much you know about the refugee crisis and the humanitarian sector. 🧐

Which reasons qualify someone for refugee status?

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Poland hosts refugees and asylum seekers from which country(ies)?

What is a pushback?

Can you name any one of the 4 Core Humanitarian Principles?

What is responsible volunteering?

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Which of the following could be a safeguarding concern?

Which word in the following sentence is not representative of the work of our volunteers?

International volunteer join Indigo's charity projects to save refugees by providing essential services.

Which of the following practices are encouraged during a volunteering placement?

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Imagine the following scenario: You have finished your first day volunteering at a community centre in Lesvos. As you are relaxing at the beach, someone who receives support from the community centre approaches you. You met them earlier today and they were very kind. They invite you to a party happening in the refugee camp tonight. What will you do?

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